About me.


Oh hey. I’m Kate. The Psycho, erm… PsychED Mama.

I’m a mum of two daughters and a wife of a rugged builder, doing my thing as best I can in this crazy world. I am also a psychotherapist and an educator, but right now with my foggy ol’ brain I’m taking a mum-cation from that life.

Despite my sojourn from the “workplace”, I can’t shake the geek factor. To placate my incessant need to learn sh*tloads about the mind and body (I promise I balance this out with a reasonable social life. Ok, fine – mother’s catch ups and family BBQ’s, whatever) I plan to harass all the gurus and experts I know who specialise in knowing tonnes of cool (and helpful) stuff about pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Then, dear friends, I will pass on this knowledge to you. You’re welcome.

Stay tuned if you like learning stuff too. Or just want to laugh at my children. Yay!